Themes overview    

You should know all themes and the way they operate.

A theme answers the question “How should I do something?” Whatever the method of project management, a professional project manager will always have to organise, manage changes etc. The seven PRINCE2 themes present a practical approach to the best way of handling such questions. PRINCE2 treats the themes in connection to the processes that form part of PRINCE2.

The seven themes are:

1: Business Case
Is the idea behind the project sufficiently solid to make an investment?
Is the investment decision still valid during execution of the project?

2: Organization
What are the roles and responsibilities we recognize in the project?
What is the correct way to involve line management?
How do we manage the cooperation between Project Manager and the parties, internal and external, carrying out the actual work?

3: Quality
How to ensure that the project will actually deliver products that meet the customer’s demands?
How can we proceed from the initial, probably vague, conceptions to specifications that give an accurate representation of the customer’s wishes, and from there to products that actually conform to these?

4: Plans
Plans are the basis for all control in a project.
Which kind of plans are there, what should go into a plan and which techniques are available to the project manager when developing a plan?

5: Risk
What events could occur that threaten the execution of the project as planned?
What procedure should be followed in managing risks? What actions should be taken against risks?

6: Change
All projects will be confronted by unexpected events, including requests for change and quality problems.
The Change theme provides us with a generic approach to these kinds of events.

7: Progress
This theme presents guidelines for the approval of plans, the monitoring of progress against an approved plan and tells us how to act when the actual execution deviates from the plan.