Tailor to suit the project environment    

PINO: Prince In Name Only

When applying PRINCE2 two types of error are generally made: too rigid, leading to a bureaucratic and inflexible way of working and too lax, which results in PINO: Prince In Name Only.
A major advantage of PRINCE2 is it's generic and flexible design with an eye on adaptation all along.

Tailoring serves two ends:

  1. Adapt the method to the wishes and demands (and capabilities) of the organisation which hosts the project. Connection to existing organisational processes (e.g. finance, purchasing) will support the practical usability of PRINCE2.
  2. Adapt the controls to the scale, complexity and level of risk in the project. A multimillion project, covering a number of countries has different needs in the area of reporting, communication and formality than € 50.000,- project within one department.

The specific way PRINCE2 will be applied in the context of the organisation will be recorded in the Project Initiation Documentation.


About principles

Obey the principles without being bound by them.
(Bruce Lee)

He who merely knows the right principles is not equal to him
who loves them.