Defined roles and responsibilities    

Projects are carried out by human beings…. Good planning and control will not work if people do not know what is expected of them, or what their exact responsibilities are. Furthermore: projects are often set in a complex organisatorial context, where more than one department or even several organisations are involved. It is obvious that conflicts of interests can be the order of the day!

The normal hierarchy in the organisation is not designed for projects and therefore, for a succesful project, carefull design of it's organisation, with a view to it's place in the host organisation, is a must.

The PRINCE2 approach to organisation is based on interests: in the project all stakeholders should be involved in a proper way and be represented in the project management team.


Three interests, three Stakeholders

  1. Business
    Must support the project'ss goals and assure that the project gives "value for money".

  2. Users
    Will use the deliverables from the project in the operation to create the benefits.
  3. Suppliers
    Must supply resources and expertise to develop the products of the project.