Focus on products    

The generic term PRINCE2 uses for the deliverables of the project is "product". In the project it is all about delivering the products and to a much lesser extend about the activities! That is why PRINCE2 advises to focus on products while planning the project. The products constitute the scope of the project (everything that is to be realised) and are a basis for planning and control.

By "thinking products" it is much easier to agree with the users on the project: unambiguous, user approved descriptions of the products contribute to a large extend that the project in the end will deliver usefull results that will help to realise the Business Case. For defining products PRINCE2 proposes a convenient format, the Product Description, which is used to define every product in such a way that no doubt can arise about what is to be delivered and to what criteria it should perform.




Focus on products has several advantages:

  • Solid base for acceptance;
  • Contributes to satisfaction of users and customers;
  • Underpins all discussions on scope and changes.