Learn from experience    

Eleven well known mistakes in projects

  1. Not assigning the right person to manage the project.
  2. Failing to get everyone on the team behind the project.
  3. Not getting executive buy-in.
  4. Lack of (regular) communication/meetings.
  5. Not being specific enough with the scope/allowing the scope to frequently change.
  6. Providing Aggressive/Overly Optimistic Timelines.
  7. Not being flexible.
  8. Not having a system in place for approving and tracking changes.
  9. Micromanaging projects.
  10. expecting software to solve all your project management issues.
  11. Not having a metric for defining success.

Routine and Experience

soorten werk

Work can basically be organized in three ways:

  1. In routine work is allways based on experience: there is one way which works best;
  2. In improvisation what works and what not is discovered along the road;
  3. In projects this exploration fase should be as short as possible, and therefore it is advisable to gather knowledge on best practices before the works starts.

By their nature projects are unique, if it was a mere routine undertaking we would rather see the work performed as "business as usual". This uniqueness creates challenges in organisation, control and (technical) execution. PRINCE2 advises to examine if perhaps we have prior experiences in areas where the current project will be undertaken.

Therefore look for previous experiences:

  • At project startup: Has something similar been done before in our organisation? If not: can we learn from other organisations?
  • During Execution: collect and document experience gathered during the project for use in later stages of the project.
  • At project closure: Projects should share their lessons learned with the organisation at large. Lessons that are identified but not shared do not contribute to the development of the organisation.
    PRINCE2 insists on all project members actively contributing to lessons learned!

PRINCE2 stresses the importance of all project members actively seeking new lessons to be learned.